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Algae grows more than in just calm seas

Algae can grow were dirt collects, especially when weatherproofing has worn off, or any other part of the vehicle that is constantly damp algae Can grow.


On some vehicles, tape around the seams and edges may contain natural fibers, and is particularly prone to algae growth. Simply leaving your vehicle underneath trees that constantly drops wet leaves onto the surface of your vehicle can create algae.


As shown in the pictures, a wet surface is prone to algae and can turn green in a short space of time.


technically, this powdery greening is made up of cyanobacteria and fungus, making it a lichen.. However, it is generally referred to by people as algae or green roof.

After using some product and washing this vehicle, a couple of times, we were able to remove all of the algae, and also restore the headlights.



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