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Dressing plastic vs Ceramic: Our Take

Dressing plastic vs Ceramic: Our Take seems to have an opinion on dressing or not dressing your vehicle after a good cleaning. Here at Shinerz we believe in lasting cleanliness. While tire and plastic dressing make everything look shiny and new when it is first applied, it also allows for circumstances that will make those surfaces look worse over time. The grease left on the surface attracts dirt which then sticks in the product as it dries. The sticky, waxy build-up left behind on the surface will stain rubber and plastics causing unsightly discoloration that can not be repaired. What is the solution? We suggest ceramic coating as an alternative. Ceramic coating prevents your plastics from drying out, fading and becoming discolored by protecting the treated area from UV rays as well as environmental contaminants. This keeps your platics looking new for longer, prevents stains from heavy dirt and makes them easier to clean. Save your vehicle from premature sun damage and add the ceramic service to your plastic. Come by any time during business hours for a free quote.

Shinerz Auto Detailing
Shinerz Auto Detailing

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