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Eliminating odors

Eliminating odors can be tough first finding out where the source of the odor is coming from could be challenging performing an interior detail is a great way to start the process of eliminating odors

Shinerz auto detailing
Dog hair removal

Professional car detailing services, at shinerz auto detailing employee techniques that go beyond surface cleaning, ensuring that odors associated with pet hair are effectively neutralized, leaving your vehicle, smelling fresh and clean. Dog hair if left unattended can embed itself into various places in your vehicles, including upholstery, carpets, and vents overtime. This can lead to wear and tear affecting the overall quality and aesthetics of your ride.

Shinerz auto detailing
Dog hair removal

When removing dog here, all cracks, crevices and surfaces are detailed properly to ensure the removal of all odors that can be created from debris left inside of vehicle.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to prevent dog hair in your vehicle

1. giving your dog a through brushing, will help to keep the hair from adding to your vehicles Interior

2. Seat covers can help to protect your seats from embedded dog hair..

3. Keeping your dog in one area of the vehicle can keep the hair down, but will not eliminate it being that hair floats and flies throughout entire vehicle.

4. using a lint roller will help somewhat.

5. regularly cleaning and vacuuming, your vehicle will help maintain buildup of dog hair and debris.

Shinerz  auto detailing
Shinerz auto detailing

With over 20 years experience comes with over 20 years of knowledge detailing

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