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Surface scratch /deep scratch

Most light scratches can be fixed by polishing the clear coat with rubbing compound. By removing the damaged layer which will leave your paint, looking brand new again. feeling scratches with your finger nail is considered a deep scratch. A surfer scratch that has scratches close together would be considered a deep scratch too. So now that you know the difference between Surface scratch /deep scratch..

Removing scratches
Before and after

Your vehicle has layers of clear coat which protects the paint, if these layers are damaged, it can cause the paint to fade and become dull over time. Which also can cause your clear coat over time to start peeling. if maintained properly years to come, will look brand new still. Having the necessary equipment when doing paint correction is crucial also experience and knowledge go hand-in-hand. This level of paint correction without creating any damage to the clear coat Brings years of experience without wet sanding, to get these results.

Removing scratches

Using a buffer and a polisher removes less of the clear coat versus wet sanding. Which in return leaves more protection for the paint on your vehicle. Here at shinerz auto detailing. We just don’t have knowledge to bring your vehicle back to life and the experience. We also have great customer service. Stop by anytime during business hours to see what we can do here at shinerz auto detailing


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