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Washing your vehicle 

This blog is about Washing your vehicle  properly while doing so minimizing any imperfection while trying to keep your ride clean. Here at shinerz auto detailing we recommend Using plenty of soap when washing, fill your bucket up with

Shinerz Auto Detailing
Two wash bucket system

plenty of soap before washing your vehicle it is highly recommended. Thoroughly rinse surface of vehicle off loosening any Dirt on vehicle that could scratch surface. Of course washing vehicle in the morning in a shade is recommended to prevent water spots. Shinerz auto detailing we recommend using a microfiber wash mitt and the two bucket wash system one bucket has just water and the other bucket has water and heavy soap. Wash Each panel separately rinsing each panel individually. Take wash mitt dip in clean water, bucket rubbing fingers through wash mitt to loosen any dirt, then dipping wash mitt into soapy bucket and of course rinsing off each panel as you go. To wash top to bottom, never wanting to wash bottom to top being that bottom of vehicle is always the dirtiest and more feasible scratching vehicle when washing bottom to top. These steps will ensure a wash without creating imperfection, but

Shinersz auto detailing
Drying off surface the right way

what about drying believe it or not drying is where you get the most imperfection in your clear coat Using a leaf blower or compressor to blow off the water if it’s has a surface that’s been ceramic the water will beat off easy Drying your vehicle off in no time with no imperfection left behind or water spots. With over 20 years experience comes 20 years of knowledge stop by our location to see what we can do for your vehicle from removing odors to doing paint correction and ceramic coatings we have a service that’s right for you.

Shinerz auto detailing
Over 20 years experience comes 20 years of knowledge

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