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What Are the Benefits of having your vehicle Polished

Maintaining your vehicle doesn't stop under the hood. We offer a wide range of services aimed to help you get the most comfortability and pride out of your car, truck, van or SUV. Taking care of your paint is an art. One of the best things you can do to protect your vehicle from visible signs of wear and tear is bring it down for a Shinerz polish.

What Are the Benefits of Polishing Your Vehicle

Here you can see a vehicle that was brought in with some extensive spider-webbing in the clear coat from using an automatic car wash. This kind of damage also comes from using improper supplies while washing your vehicle, inexperienced washing/drying technique, lack of protection from the elements due to use of harsh chemicals or abrasives, and the absence of appropriate paint conditioning. These things are common and we at Shinerz are proud to say we can remove imperfections if you come to us before the damage requires new paint.

What Are the Benefits of Polishing Your Vehicle

Here is an example of swirls in the clear coat that come from an incomplete buffing job. This is another example of unsightly damage that now requires an experienced detailer to repair.

Why do we suggest Having your vehicle polished as a part of your service? Polishing can achieve light paint correction that offers a mirror glaze finish, adds depth and vibrancy to the color of your paint, rejuvenates dry clearcoat as well as being a highly recommended step before a ceramic coating treatment. See our upcoming article to learn more about ceramic coating services at Shinerz.

With over 20 years in the business we have truly seen just about everything that can be done to cause flaws in your paint. Let us show you how we earned our name.


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