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5 star windshield service

Five star windshield service at Shinerz Auto Detailing we aim to help our customers enjoy their vehicles to the fullest. Windshields are your window to the world while you head to work, run errands, and adventure throughout our beautiful state. Keep it looking clear while offering yourself and your vehicle's interior some protection.

Shinerz auto detailing, ceramic coating windshield
Ceramic Coating windshield

Our vehicles spend a lot of time in the sun. Ceramic coating your glass creates a lasting barrier against harmful UV rays which can protect you and your interior from sun damage. Hydrophobic properties cause water to bead off the surface and allow for bug guts and road grime to wash away with ease. The smooth surface retains less debris which means you will put less stress on your wiper blades allowing them to last longer. We know once you try this service you will see the value. Bring your vehicle by and we will talk with you about your needs and give you a free estimate.


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