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Water Spots Can Cost Big ...Don't Wait

Water is hardly ever simply water. Faucet and hose water contain mineral deposits and chlorine. Rain water can contain minerals from whatever source it evaporated from, acid from the forest fires, and any number of contaminants picked up along the cycle of condensation. When left to sit on painted surfaces water will begin to evaporate leaving behind mineral deposits and environmental contaminants. If these spots are not removed they can become etched into the clear coat of your vehicle. When the heat of the sun sits on your vehicle it begins to soften your paint and when this happens the top layer will become embedded with those unsightly spots. Over time as your vehicle heats again and again this process is repeated until eventually the damage requires an entirely new paint job.

Have you noticed water spots on your vehicle? Look at the beautiful surface we were able to return to our customer. Allow us to work our magic on your water spots before they become etched in your paint. Bring your vehicle by for us to do a free assessment anytime during business hours. Monday through Friday from 9 until 5 and on Saturday from 10 until 2. We will talk with you about your needs and give you a signed quote. Once you approve the quote we can get you scheduled so we can get you on the road feeling confident in your vehicle's shine.

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