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Deep clean leather/pleather will save you money

Body oils and dirt can cause your leather to crack. Leather cracks as a result of it becoming too dry. Going back to the fundamentals of leather. This material has countless pores on the surface that absorbs or releases moisture. When leather releases, too much of its moisture, it will dry up. If dries up too much, cracks may form on its surface. Our Deep cleaning services will help prevent your leather/pleather from drying out. Also, our deep cleaning services will rejuvenate the surface which will prolong the life of your leather/pleather.

After deep clean

As you can tell in the picture, the seat on the left has the dirt, and the seat on the right has had Shinerz deep cleaning service done. With the dirt and body oil's removed from the surface of the seat. The leather will last for years to come. If your seat or seats, look like the picture on the left, You may still have time to undo any further damage before having to replace the leather/pleather in your ride. Pay us a visit to see if we can save your seats.

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