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Keep leather looking luxurious Deep cleaning leather

Deep clean leather

Certainly a vehicle with leather upholstery is categorized by its connotations of elegance and refinement, but in addition to a very pleasant aesthetic impact the genuine leather seats, first of all have characteristics of greater comfort and breathability and are also far more resistant than to classic fabric seats.

Typically made of top grain leather specially treated to withstand the wear and tear of automotive use with proper care in Maintenance leather can be very durable and may last up to 15 years

Deep clean leather

in good condition however, leather does require a good deal of maintenance and specialized knowledge to prolong the life of the leather. Having your leather deep, cleaned here at shinerz auto detailing will prolong the life of your leather to help prevent future cracks. To retain this luxurious look, it is best practice to clean your leather seats every two or three months, depending on how dirty they get no longer than every six months will help retain that luxurious look.

Cracking leather

Prevent future cracks in your leather seats. Stop by shinerz auto detailing, we have over 20 years in experience, helping our customers keeping their vehicle's looking new, whether you have pleather or leather, have a deep clean done here at shinerz auto detailing to help prevent future cracks in your vehicls leather that are very costly to fix, when leather is neglected.


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