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Eliminate Strong odors in Your vehicle

Does your vehicle have a strong odor smell. Strong odors in your vehicle, sometimes can be overwhelming. Sometimes the odor can take the joy right out of the ride. Here at shinerz auto detailing we have the necessary equipment and knowledge to remove by killing the odors. Having a proper Interior Detail insures the process of eliminating odors for good. Knowing the right product or tool to use to do this is crucial for the first stages of eliminating strong odors in your vehicle. For example, dog hair and dandruff left inside of the vehicle can create a strong odor, knowing how to eliminate this is a task. Simply just vacuuming is not

Shinerz Auto Detailing
Removing odors and dog hair

enough. The picture on the right is the same picture on the left the only difference is the picture on the right is zoomed in so you can see the small fine fibers in the carpet better. Vacuuming alone will get a top layer of dog hair, out but deep in the carpet is more dog hair and dandruff vacuuming alone will not

Shinerz Auto Detailing
Removing odors and dog hair

Remove this. Carpet absorbs moisture out of the air when there is high humidity and this leads to airborne odors. Did you know that wet dog smell is caused by bacteria that thrives in moisture. Here at shinerz auto detailing we use the necessary product and tools to not only remove the odor, but kill the bacteria that is creating it. Carpets are just big filters, capturing contaminants. If they aren’t flushed out regularly, odors will occur and bacteria will grow. Here at shinerz auto detailing, having the necessary knowledge about what kind of detail is needed to eliminate odors comes with 20 years experience doing all kinds of detailing services learning what works along the way, and what does not. Here at shinerz auto detailing we do not hear what works, but know from all the years providing detailing services.

Shinerz auto detailing
Detailing nook and crannies

Getting into all the nooks and crannies and prepping carpet, starts the process of eliminating odors.

But don’t forget the vents. The air duct system can be harboring bacteria, which creates odors as well.

These are just some of the hundreds of areas bacteria grows. With over 20 years experience here at shinerz auto detailing, use our knowledge and experience to get all of the areas of the vehicle, where bacteria grows

Shinerz auto detailing
Detailing Vents

And odors are created. Not all details are the same, knowing what detail your vehicle needs helps protect your investment not to mention the upkeep of your vehicle, which will help it last longer and not to mention if that time ever comes, easier to sell. Here at shinerz auto detailing, we take the necessary steps to bring back the life of your vehicle while performing the necessary detail it needs to help you have an easier upkeep when cleaning your vehicle.

Shinerz auto detailing
Over 20 years experience


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