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What a real polish is

Here at shinerz auto detailing we believe polishing is an art. It takes patience, and a lot of know how, for the end results to resemble a mirror shine finish. What is a real polish you might ask? Well, if your paint surface looks like you can put your

What a real polish is
Before and after

finger through it that’s a real polish. Polishing the surface of your vehicle doesn’t just make it shiny it rejuvenates your clear coat to last longer, it’s like lotion for our skin Polishing, your clear coat helps minimize imperfection, it helps minimize aging. Here at shinerz auto detailing, we take it one step further, and have created a shinerz polish. A Shinerz polish is like our secret recipe that makes our polishing services stand out from others. Never cut corners for the end result of the job to exceed Customer satisfaction expectations. With tremendous amount of knowledge on keeping your vehicle, looking new. We are more than confident in our services and making our customers shinerz auto detailing priority with our friendly user website page. Tons of information on your vehicle, upkeep in our blogs and not to mention our very own shinerz auto detailing app to never miss any new information on upkeep or services, discounts offered. For easy download and access feel free to click on the click me button below.


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