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What causes oxidation

You might be wondering what causes oxidation. Maybe if the knowledge is passed on, on how to maintain the exterior of your vehicle could it could be easier to prevent oxidation from happening. Some of the reasons for oxidation are salt, pollutants, sunlight, ultraviolet, abrasive, cleaners, rain, and scratches, and also hands.

Shinerz auto detailing
  1. Salt is corrosive, especially when remaining on a cars surface for extended period of time

  2. Pollutants. chemicals and pollutants in air can take a toll on your car paint

  3. Sunlight. The suns ultraviolet UV rays can contribute to cars paint oxidation, a process that occurs when heat and oxidation from the Sun UV rays causes Car paint coat to dissipate.

  4. UV rays are known to cause oxidation on car surfaces making the paint fade overtime. This happens when the heat gets to penetrate the inner layer of the paint itself.

  5. Abrasive cleaners there are some automotive cleaners that are good and some that are bad the ones that are bad are the paint killers.

6. Acid rain there may be times when air pollution contributes to acid rate, which can create oxidation.

7. Scratches physical damage to the paint such as scratches and abrasions from improper car washing or contact with objects can remove any protective product that’s on top in allow the UV rays to penetrate the clear coat which can cause oxidation overtime.

Shinerz auto detailing oxidation removal
Vehicles paint has been restored

If your vehicle is looking oxidized, maybe it’s time to stop by shinerz auto detailing. We have the necessary equipment and with over 20 years of knowledge to bring your vehicle back to life. We are confident we can make your vehicle look like it did the day you drove it off the lot if not better.. With 20 years of experience comes 20 years of knowledge

Shinerz auto detailing
With over 20 years of Experience comes with 20 years of knowledge

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